Database Development
and Analysis

In the current information age, it is vital for public and private sector providers to implement and maintain functional management information systems to meet their administrative as well as clientele needs.

The JRC has extensive experience developing, operating, and maintaining large-scale databases. Staff members have more than 30 combined years of experience working with database structures exceeding three million records. The Center’s expertise extends to the matching of data records from multiple statewide database systems facilitating the integration of criminal and juvenile court, probation, arrest, parole, and incarceration records. JRC researchers routinely conducted probabilistic and deterministic matching procedures in analyzing justice system data. Staff are adept at high-level database programming as well as front-end user-friendly interfaces. Recent projects conducted by staff members include: post-service client tracking database, families in need of services database of clients served, court processing database of juvenile transfer cases, and medical/ mental health service administration for youths incarcerated in the juvenile justice system.

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